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The development of professional skills of lawyers is one of the strategic objectives of the Kosova Bar Association, which, among other things, it aims to achieve through the process of specialization of lawyers. The specialization of lawyers is defined by the Law on the Kosova Bar Association, its Statute, Rules for Specializations and other normative acts of the KBA.

According to the Law on the Bar and normative acts of the KBA, a lawyer may request the Steering Council of the KBA to acknowledge his/her specialization in an area of law and the same to be recorded in the register of lawyers, and it can be specified in the name of lawyer's office.

Based on the Statute of the KBA, specialization is offered in 10 branches of law, and according to Specializations Regulation, which entered into force on 1 January 2014, KBA in the first year of entry into force of this Regulation shall only offer specializations in three branches i.e. criminal law, civil law and commercial law.

Specialization of lawyers is not obligatory and regardless of the fact whether a lawyers is specialized or not, there is no restriction to the right of lawyers to provide legal assistance in a particular branch as defined by law.


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