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Program for new lawyers

Professional Ethics Exam

According to the Law on the Bar, one of the conditions for the registration of candidates as Lawyers is passing the Professional Ethics Exam. The candidate, who has applied for registration in the Register of Lawyers, undergoes the Ethics exam for lawyers before a special committee, appointed by the Board.

The candidates who have completed Law Faculty and the Bar Exam are entitled to take this exam.

The Professional Ethics Exam was first organized in July 2013 and is being organized six (6) times a year, every 2 (two) months respectively. Candidates who successfully pass the Professional Ethics Exam are certified and recorded in specific records of the Kosova Bar Association.

The procedure of organizing the Professional Ethics Exam for candidate Lawyers is regulated by special regulations adopted by the Steering Council of the KBA.

Training of candidates for the Bar Exam

The Steering Council of the Kosova Bar Association in its meeting dated 31/10/2013 has decided that the Training Center of the KBA begins organizing preparatory seminars for the Bar Exam.

In December 2013 the first training session was organized for potential Candidates for the Bar Exam, and these trainings have lasted until the end of January 2014. Seminar lecturers are experts of respective fields, who were asked to present and share their knowledge with participants in order to cultivate legal skills, build capacities and develop practical skills among potential candidates for the Bar Exam.

Through organizing these sessions they managed to provide the condidates with the required skills and had them create a qualitative approach towards the activities that will serve them as an important network to mobilize all those who are in the process of becoming potential candidates of passing the Bar Exam, providing them with the opportunity for their professional development and successful completion of the exam.

The applications for these trainings can be filed after the announcement of the competition by the Training Center of the KBA.


Comprehensive Program for Interns

The KBA also has interns in its structure. Preparing, training and equipping them with practical knowledge for the independent exercise of the profession is the main goal of this comprehensive program.

The entire program reflects the spirit of advocacy as an independent professional service. The new generation creats a feeling of commitment to the principles of justice, the legal profession, moral and professional trust.

Training dedicated to protecting the rights and freedoms of humans and citizens regardless of race, ethnicity, religious or political belief, social background, will be a foundation of this program.

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