President of KBA

Article 77

Competences of the President of KBA include:

1. chairs and manages the KBA,

2. represents the KBA,

3. chairs the solemn oath procedure

4. allows payments from the KBA cashbox up to the limit set by the Board and decides on their  expenditure,

5. oversees the work of the Executive Director,

6. performs other tasks in accordance with the Law on the Bar, this Statute and other normative acts, coordinates the daily activities of KBA as stipulated by law.

Article 78

The President answers to the KBA Assembly for his work.

Article 79

1) When the President for objective reasons cannot exercise his duties for a certain time, he is replaced by the Vice President.

2) The Vice President cannot exercise the duties of the President for a period longer than 6 months.

Article 80

1) The President and Vice President, when he replaces him/her, are entitled to payment for their work.

2) The amount of compensation mentioned in paragraph 1 of this Article is determined by the Board.

Article 81

1) The mandate of the President and Vice President shall cease;

1. through resignation,

2. through dismissal,

3. when not able to exercise his/her duties for more than 6 months uninterruptedly.

2) The provisions of this Statute on convening the meetings of the Assembly and decision making in meetings of the Assembly, apply to the dismissal procedure.

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