Chief Prosecutor Imer Beka received in a meeting Representative from the KBA, regarding the facilitation of procedures for issuing forms in cases of ex officio representation in the Police

19 September 2017

Chief Prosecutor Imer Beka hosted a meeting of KBA representatives led by UD Head of KBA Regional Branch in Pristina, Skender Musa, Executive Director of KBA Mr. Yll Zekaj, Rescue Sadiku and Mr. Afrim Tasholli, lawyer from Lipjan and Mr. Besim Abdullahu Officer for Appointment of Officials Officially in the KBA. At the meeting were also attended by the Prosecutor, Ibrahim Berisha and the finance officer of PTH-Prishtina, Blazing Abazi.

The meeting was arranged at the request of lawyers from Lipjan who requested the possibilities of simplifying the procedures for furnishing the respective forms in order to compensate for their ex officio representation in the Police.

Chief Prosecutor Beka was informed about the difficulties faced by lawyers, in the cases of representation in the police ex officio, respectively by providing with forms that should be signed by the Prosecutors so that for the ex-officio service, advocates realize the compensation that was meets by law.

Lawyers from Lipjan unanimously submitted their written statement and notified the Relevant Institutions in advance that they will boycott their official duty in the Police from 21.09.2017 until the requests are met and that:

The form must be completed on the day the lawyer is engaged in the police, or the lawyers' bills are submitted to the Prosecutor together with the interview minutes in the Police without a form, and the administration within the Prosecutor's Office deals with this issue.

Compensation also for cases where no criminal charges are filed and the case is closed with a special report according to the Prosecutor's recommendation.

Compensation for representation provided ex-officio at the request of the Police or Prosecutor's Office during interviewing the injured party or witness when they seek a lawyer at public expense.

Chief Prosecutor Beka, after being briefed in detail on these issues by KBA representatives, pledged that very soon concrete steps will be taken by the Basic Prosecution in cooperation with the Kosovo Prosecutorial Council to resolve these problems and will facilitate these technical procedures so that such situations do not occur in the future.

Among other things at the meeting were discussed the issue of barring lawyers' phones at the entrance of the Prosecutor's Office, which is only practicable in the Basic Prosecution in Pristina. Chief Prosecutor Beka emphasized that this situation came to light after several cases of abusing phones by some lawyers. KBA representatives requested that individual cases be notified to the KBA Disciplinary Bureau and abolish the practice of stopping phone calls for other lawyers as well.

Both sides agreed to continue cooperation further in order to carry out the duties and obligations of the respective parties.

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